Monday, December 29, 2008

Some Christmas pics...


Ahhhhh, Christmas is over

I feel sad and relieved at the same time that Christmas is done and over. I love the spirit at Christmas time, I love shopping for the kids, I love Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. I hate not having money for everything I want to buy, I hate being overwhelmed with all the wants. I hate losing the spirit of Christ durin all the hussle and bustle.

I feel that Christmas flew by so fast, I think it was because I worked a lot. I like to splurge at Christmas time because I don't buy for the kids anyother time of the year unless they buy something with their own money. This Christmas we cut way back. I haven't recieved child support for about 6 months, not even a penny and it drives me crazy that Mike expects Daran to support his kids. Uggg thank heavens my blog is private. Anyway, kids were all happy Christmas morning, Hailey, Muriaa, and Aleeya got IPOD's, Noah got a Ripstick that is GONE!! YES GONE!!! He was sooo disappointed, I don't know what happened to it. i'm pretty sure it got stolen out of our garage but I'm thinking we might of left it at the store. I bought it at Walmart on black Friday, along with about three other bags of toys. It was about 5 am so Daran and I dont remember if we left it in the cart of what. But it's gone. I told Noah we owe him one. It was all he wanted. He loves guns like his dad, so I got him a Nerf gun too. His dad got him an air soft gun, he has one here too he loves to shoot, it makes me nervous.
I had the day off today which is very nice, I played with the kids all day. Muriaa got a game called Would You Rather, it is sooo much fun, we played that for family home evening. Hailey is currently doing the dishes, Noah is playing the PS, and Muriaa is watching a movie so it's peaceful, except for the holla of "LUKE, STOP!!