Thursday, February 3, 2011

Valentines month!!

I love Valentines's Day and I love the word February, but the month is way too short. Bills come sooner, and I dread March 1st, just means time is flying by too fast.

Hailey moved out and is living with Zach, not going to school. She comes over like I have a grocery store, she leaves with a bag of stuff everyday. I don't think I will let it happen anymore. Her last stop was tampons and toilet paper. Uggg. Love that girl! I will be inviting her and Zach to church EVERY Sunday. I asked her if they were using protection and her answer was no mom I am on my period, oh, ok, so???

Daran and I went to therapy Tuesday and learned how to manage our space, and how to read each other through our actions. I hope I remember what he taught me.

So we have the cutest dog ever, DEE. He is a chewer, but a lover so we keep him. SO he was hurt a lot when he was a puppy so he is very afraid of new people. He won't leave our yard, he is very scared of new things. So my neighbor lady across the street has a daughter that is a police lady and she is a wicked witch of Kaysville. She is a Kaysville City police officer. Is she called an officer??? Anyway, she can't stand when our dog is out and at large. So she comes over says get your dog off your yard and chain him up or keep him inside. OK, beast. So I come home from work Tuesday and she is parked in front of our house with a HUGE grin, and there is DEE, on the driveway waiting for me. Then the animal control pull up, then I see them talking in the road and neighbor beotch is over exaggerating every little movement she is making. So after like 30 minutes he went to his truck got his little ticket writing book, came to the door. Dee came to the door crawling because he was afraid, and the animal control guy saw how nice DEE is and just told us keep him chained up and made sure he was licensed and had his shots and was on his way. I am like lady go find a drug dealer, go catch a butterfly, just stop stalking us!!!! Next time I see her sitting in her car in front of her moms house when I know her mom is not home I will be calling the cops. Psycho beotch!!!

My kids don't read my blog thank heavens. Muriaa is presently going to open gym at Davis High for softball. They have a million girls trying out and are only taking 4 girls, The whole Bukoos, Avalanche, and Utah Thunder girls are all there but it is good for Muriaa to go and learn and practice. Aleeya is on the younger Avalanche team and is doing good, she loves softball, she goes to practice every week. It helps her confidence a ton. My dad has worked with the girls for years, I don't know what I would do without him, he is saving my family. Life is hard.

I really wish Daran would get a better job, I have been applying for full-time jobs, we just really need a better financial situation. I hate the thought of working full-time with 4 year old. I love being home when my kids get home from school. Muriaa will be in 10th grade next year, ALeeya 8th, Noah 7th. Hailey is supposed to graduate this year....TIme is flying way too fast.

Our van is broken we don't know what is wrong with it, our washing machine is broken, everything is wrong with it, we need new carpet in a bad way. The carpet that came with the house is so crappy. We had a guy come and clean it and he said it is the worst quality carpet he has ever seen. Like 3 grand for new so what do ya do???

I love my job, it makes my day to know I am going to work. I am an AST at Macy's. I do Administrative stuff. I will get a year of it under my belt and start applying for AST manager jobs at Macy's whenever they come open. Love it!!

I wish I had a running car today, we have no milk, no bread, no cereal, pretty empty house.