Monday, December 6, 2010

It's Monday!! again..

I have the sadz today and trying to get over them!! I want them to go away!! It started out crazy, i was supposed to be up and at it earlier than I was. I get two days off this week and too much to do. I had to go clean my dad's office before they got there and didn't make it until like 8, then I went to return some impulse buying at Shopko. I really wish I had Oprah's account sometimes. Then I went to Walmart to get the milk and cereal. I feel like that is an every Monday thing these days. I had no laundry soap or Downy either so I left Walmart 60 bucks poorer. So hours later I have laundry almost done, the worst part is folding and putting away. I don't mind washing, but gaaaaa the rest bites. Daran and I are really struggling, not sure what to do with our relationship anymore. Marraige is hard. I am letting it be like the you tube video I watched on my brothers Facebook today.

Hailey called me today for Christmas ornaments and tree stuff, I have nothing. I told her to go to the D.I. She is living with her friends, boys and all. She breaks my heart and is not doing what is best for her but what do ya do??? I still love her.

Some things I really want to do this week along with my work and home life: Charge my camera and video camera, buy new tapes for the video camera. Read up some more on my camera. Start to read the BOM!!!! I am WAY behind!