Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Happy Birthday MOM!!!

Ewwww I was so ornery yesterday at exactly 3:45. I don't know what got into me, I have no idea, no PMS, nothing. I spent the day with Luke and his buddy Nathan they get together everyday and they are just so cute because they are so different. Nathan totally loves sports, give him a ball and he is in heaven and he is very opinionated. He will call anyone a loser. I don't think Luke knows what that word means. Luke is so into transforming transformers and Power Rangers. Nathans mom said she was shocked that Luke could transform her older sons transformer in about 3 minutes and it takes her 4 hours. He also can do any puzzle, he loves doing puzzles. He has his daddy's brain. Anyway, so Luke went to Nate's house for a while and I finished laundry and cleaned the bathroom. Then I went and got Luke and of course he hates to leave Nathan so I tell him we are going to go get balloons for Grandma Higley's grave and he fell asleep asw soon as I left the house. UUGGGG sorry mom no balloons. Soooo we went to mom's grave and I left Luke in the car I didn't stay long. It was funny there was a little glass pot with fake greens in it, hmmm who gave her that??? Someone gave her some pretty flowers too. I miss her tons, she loved Burnt Almond Fudge ice cream and fish and chips. That just came to my mind. Weird!

We had drama at my house this morning and I am still boggled over it. Noah is in his room, in his bed. He refused to go to school this morning and I have no idea why. He has never done this ever before. He is a really good kid, very quiet. doesn't say much. Actually worries me because he will never talk to me. So I gave hi the choice to stay in his bed all day or talk to me about why he doesn't want to go to school and I will take him to school. Se he decided to stay in his bed. He will get hungry I imagine sometime. I feel so mean but the kid needs to deal. I had to work last night and I have to work again tonight and Daran works 2 jobs so no one is home with all the kids and I hate it! Luke isn't insured and hasn't been and I really need to apply for CHIP or something. Thanks heavens we have not been sick this year. (knocking,knocking) Noah and Luke have had a cold and that's it.

Daran and I can't agree about what to do with the house, sell it, or not sell it. ANd we have equity and Daran wants to cash it all out and pay off all of our bills. I say NO and put it all to the next house. I dunno it's an ongoing thing. He has student loans and we have 1 credit card that we used for groceries when I wasn't getting child support, and a credit card for fixing the house up. It is stressful, I hate it. It could be worse though, I am glad to have a house to live in and a good neighborhood.
Some pics of Nathan....