Sunday, May 31, 2009


So I need to blog more, that is what my sigh is for.

I got released from my 11 year old girls primary class today, work is in the way of my girls dangit. Daran got called into the nursery, he is pretty excited. Mike had the kids this weekend but Hailey stayed with me. Hailey and Crystal came to church. Here is a pic of Hailey with her hair braided it took me forever. I just love her to death! Photobucket
Muriaa and Aleeya had all-star tryouts Saturday. Muriaa didn't have to go the 14 year old team already asked her to be on their team but she wants to do the 12 year old team. I told her she can pick. She is pitching so good. I love to watch her gmaes. Aleeya is doing great also.

Luke is getting so big. Julie and Josh flew me out to New Mexico so I could stop nursing Luke and so I could watch Heath. It was so relaxing, Julie fed me so good. The food there is amazing. Heath was tons of fun. He is so cute, he loves to be chased, and when I would come around the corner I would scare him and he made the funniest noise. HAHAHA! My sister is a VERY hard worker, she is an amazing nurse. She worked morning to night. I spent some time at her work and she is over all the nurses and she solves all of their problems. SHe works so hard, she is very good at what she does. She is very talented, and works hard. She runs a tight ship. People would call in sick and she would tell them unless they are in the hospital dying they had to work. Everyone at her work loves her. She is a beautiful person. I love ya sis!! Some pics of baby Heath. I will never forget the mannequins we saw, they had HUGE A**es!! Oh my heck!! I was dying.
PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket
NM, Albuquerque TemplePhotobucket