Saturday, September 18, 2010


I feel like I really need to get out of this funk I am in! It is Saturday and of course I spent the whole morning at the laundromat drying 6 loads of laundry because our dryer is broke. Then Muriaa needs fabric for a project so we spent an hour at Hancock fabrics and it is very stressful and very expensive. She enjoys sewing so what do ya do?? I then went to Lacey Wixom's home and did her hair for Homecoming and took pictures of her, she looked so pretty. I came home and chilled with my Luke.

I have a new job at Macy's that I love but it is hard work and stressful, it will get easier, I just need to remember things and that is not an easy task for me. I sit in an office and do computer stuff and deal with employees, I really like it, the pay sucks but I figure I will stay for a year then look for something else in HR or office. The HR manager actually came to me and asked me to apply for the job which is pretty cool, a lot of other people wanted it which has been kind of hard for those people. I go in tomorrow we will see how it goes.

Yeah, JOY school is Tuesday and I am teaching! I will take some pics and post them for sure! Luke loves school he goes every Tuesday I teach every 7th week. Last Tuesday the teacher (my neighbor and cool friend) went inside to take someone potty and guess who turns on the water and squirts everyone, YEP Luke and Nate. Everyone went home wet. Nice Luke. The week before I walked to pick him up at the neighbors and who is Miss Molly chasing, YEP Luke and Nate, outside, all other kids are inside. I yi yi!

It has been an eventful summer at our house. I really am ready to just relax and not have any events happen for a long time. Hailey got pregnant, lost her baby, it was sad. She is still dating her boyfriend Zach. They need to chill, I actually like Zach a lot. Hailey went to the doctor to get on some depression meds but didn't like how they made her feel so she stopped taking them. I dunno what ta dooo. I love her tons though.

Julie came to visit with sweet Heath and Berke and Josh. It was a fast visit but very good to see her. Luke likes playing with Heath and Berke is so yummy, he reminds me of my babies.

Aleeya and Muriaa are playing softball Wed. nights. I love going and watching them. Aleeya has her heart all in softball, I think Muriaa is getting a little bored. But come spring she will be ready! They are both great players. Thanks to my awesome dad that got them going in it and has spent so much time with them learning and supporting and paying!! I couldn't do it without him!