Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Wow, I'm totally slacking at this whole blog thing. It's 10 pm and I'm fighting with Luke trying to get him to sleep in his own bed. It is very frustrating. He ends up coming in my bed without me. He gets so mad about sleeping in his own bed. When he sleeps with Daran and I he nurses all night long. I need to stop nursing. I would not let him nurse all night last night until 5:30 and it was awful, he cried all night. He is 2 years old this is crazy. I don't mind nursing him once or twice a day BUT OMH it is out of control.

Kids are growing up so fast. Muriaa is 1 and Aleeya is turning 11 in March. Time flies, I wish it would slow down, unless I'm on the treadmill. Hailey is working at Classic Skating, she is doing great in school she has a 3.8, she has grown up a lot this year. She is doing so good. She still likes the boys but she is so much happier. She got on acutane acne medicine and that helped her confidence so much.
Luke has gone from weekly speech therapy app. to monthly now. He is doing so much better. He still won't put two words together but at least he is talking. He signs a little too.Muriaa and Aleeya are practicing softball with Grandpa Higley they love it.

Daran graduates in MAY!!! YESSSSSS, but he still has to take one class in the summer, THEN it's on to him getting his masters..ugggg dreadful. Then he wants to get his CPA!! I'll stay working at Macy's until he is done then I'm going to school. I might be 60 but oh well.

I have to show pics of this quilt that Daran's mom made for us, it is truely amazing, it took her along time to make it she is so talented.