Sunday, May 31, 2009


So I need to blog more, that is what my sigh is for.

I got released from my 11 year old girls primary class today, work is in the way of my girls dangit. Daran got called into the nursery, he is pretty excited. Mike had the kids this weekend but Hailey stayed with me. Hailey and Crystal came to church. Here is a pic of Hailey with her hair braided it took me forever. I just love her to death! Photobucket
Muriaa and Aleeya had all-star tryouts Saturday. Muriaa didn't have to go the 14 year old team already asked her to be on their team but she wants to do the 12 year old team. I told her she can pick. She is pitching so good. I love to watch her gmaes. Aleeya is doing great also.

Luke is getting so big. Julie and Josh flew me out to New Mexico so I could stop nursing Luke and so I could watch Heath. It was so relaxing, Julie fed me so good. The food there is amazing. Heath was tons of fun. He is so cute, he loves to be chased, and when I would come around the corner I would scare him and he made the funniest noise. HAHAHA! My sister is a VERY hard worker, she is an amazing nurse. She worked morning to night. I spent some time at her work and she is over all the nurses and she solves all of their problems. SHe works so hard, she is very good at what she does. She is very talented, and works hard. She runs a tight ship. People would call in sick and she would tell them unless they are in the hospital dying they had to work. Everyone at her work loves her. She is a beautiful person. I love ya sis!! Some pics of baby Heath. I will never forget the mannequins we saw, they had HUGE A**es!! Oh my heck!! I was dying.
PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket
NM, Albuquerque TemplePhotobucket

Friday, April 24, 2009

It's 4:15 a.m. and I can't sleep, what better time to blog than now..

Life is just one big amusement park, I didn't say my body is, I said life is. Sometimes it's fun and sometimes it's not. I know that at the end of the day I'm tired. Oh, it's 4 am and I can't sleep?? Hmmm, I have too much on my mind, my 16 year old is just making me so worried. I want to just take her and sit her down, turn her over and spank her, HARD!!! I have never worried so much in my life about anyone. She is living with her dad and has no rules, well I didn't have rules, I had expectations. Anyway, I just pray for her all day long. I love her so so so much. She is my first born, I had her alone for 3 years, I fell in love with that cute little baby. She did make Queen in a baby contest out of 170 babies I think. She got first, she was a beautiful baby and little girl, she still is beautiful.

I have an appointment with workforce services on Tuesday to look into going to school. I guess there is some money for training for 2009, so I applied. Blech school. I really need to get a degree though. I am working part-time at Macy's, which I love. I really wanted to apply for a HR position, it's an assistant part-time but only days and I can't stick my baby with a sitter. No way. I am still nursing Luke, Daran hates it, he doesn't support it at all. I go through spurts of wanting to quit. I need to get back into shape, I'm anemic, I am tired too much.

Daran graduates next week, but then it all starts over, he wants to keep going. I have supported his schooling for 3 years I'm tired of it. I'm ready for him to get a decent job and a normal schedule. His schedule our whole marriage has been school all day, work at 3 until midnight. I do everything with the kids and home alone. I try not to complain, I know it's for the better, it just sucks. I appreciate him for his hard work. I just want a clean kitchen on Sundays. haha.

Luke is in speech therapy and he went from weekly to monthly now to every other week. He just isn't up to where he should be. He is so much fun, he brings us all so much joy. I wish I could have 3 more kids, I would if I could. I love being a mother but DAMN groceries are expensive. Kids are expensive. I am expensive. I spend half of my check that I get from Macy's at Macy's, I will stop this May 1st. I can't pass up the good deals but who needs it all. I buy Aleeya and Luke stuff, no one else really cares. Luke has every Nike outfit that Macy's makes, not really but sheeesh. Aleeya is a clothes aholic. I like it.

I submitted my application for my temple blessings to be restored and I'm awaiting in the results, crossing my fingers but not getting too excited. I had to write a letter to the First Presidency and that was hard and stressful. But I did it, Daran had to write a letter and Mike and my bishop. TMI I know. I'm not the perfect obedient person that I should be.

Well it is 4:37 in the am and I know this blog is useless without pics so next time I will be posting pics. I can imagine the spelling errors and grammar errors but oh well, deal with it.

Friday, March 20, 2009

March is almost ova!!

I can't believe that March is almost over, I never write in my blog anymore. I need to write more though. I'm sitting her watching PBS kids with Luke so I might as well write. I haven't seen much of Daran this week he is writing a paper so he is at school at 7 and gets home around midnight from work. i miss him, I can't wait until he is doen with school, he graduates in May but then he is getting his Masters and CPA so forever it goes on.

Aleeya had her birthday party last night at Classic Skating, Mike took her and all her friends, I just sent a cake and stuff. She had a lot of fun, she gets excited about things more than any other one of my kids so it's fun to watch her on special occasions. I love that my kids are getting older, I really enjoy them. Hailey is permanently living with her dad. SHe wanted a car, and the only way Mike would give her one is if he insured her and she lived with him so she was all over it. She has done this 3 or 4 times before, and came back but Daran says he won't allow it so we'll see. Mike is so mad at me right now they garnished his check for child support so he called me yesterday to see if I would forgive another 5 thousand dollars so he didn't owe back child support. I did that last year and I told him no way. I'm sure he will quit his job. Oh well, I was happy to go to work last night. I worked in handbags......I love me some purses,,,I love to feel the leather Dooney's I wish I had an extra 4oo dollars lying around. I would get me one.

One thing I want to start is a scrapbook for Luke. I love doing the digital scrapbooks but my kids have really enjoyed looking at their scrapbooks I have made for them. The digital ones are expensive to print the 12x12's soooo I am going to make Luke a first two years book for him to look at, othing fancy, just basic, using stuff I have. I haven't done scrapbooking on paper for years, so I'm looking forward to it, I turned Hailey's room into a srapbook room for now. It wil be the toy room after I'm done. Ok, I'm done.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Wow, I'm totally slacking at this whole blog thing. It's 10 pm and I'm fighting with Luke trying to get him to sleep in his own bed. It is very frustrating. He ends up coming in my bed without me. He gets so mad about sleeping in his own bed. When he sleeps with Daran and I he nurses all night long. I need to stop nursing. I would not let him nurse all night last night until 5:30 and it was awful, he cried all night. He is 2 years old this is crazy. I don't mind nursing him once or twice a day BUT OMH it is out of control.

Kids are growing up so fast. Muriaa is 1 and Aleeya is turning 11 in March. Time flies, I wish it would slow down, unless I'm on the treadmill. Hailey is working at Classic Skating, she is doing great in school she has a 3.8, she has grown up a lot this year. She is doing so good. She still likes the boys but she is so much happier. She got on acutane acne medicine and that helped her confidence so much.
Luke has gone from weekly speech therapy app. to monthly now. He is doing so much better. He still won't put two words together but at least he is talking. He signs a little too.Muriaa and Aleeya are practicing softball with Grandpa Higley they love it.

Daran graduates in MAY!!! YESSSSSS, but he still has to take one class in the summer, THEN it's on to him getting his masters..ugggg dreadful. Then he wants to get his CPA!! I'll stay working at Macy's until he is done then I'm going to school. I might be 60 but oh well.

I have to show pics of this quilt that Daran's mom made for us, it is truely amazing, it took her along time to make it she is so talented.