Monday, January 25, 2010

It is Monday!! I feel like it is the worst day of my life!!! It isn't really but it feels like it right now. Lukey will NOT go poopy on the toilet and he poopied all over, it is so frustrating, I ever had to go through this with the other 4, they were done by the time they were 2, even Noah!! Luke is 3 for crying out loud!!!!!!! So here we go another day of Luke on the potty every hour! I worked Saturday and Sunday and Daran has been sick so he didn't get Luke n the potty, the house is a mess, Luke can destroy a room in 10 minutes!! I come home from work very tired and I feel like Daran could help put more but he doesn't. Yep, I'm complaining! I am getting bored at my job, so I applied for 2 jobs last week. I love working at Macy's but we are going into slow season and it gets so boring!! I have been cleaning and doing laundry all morning and it is boring also!!!

It is so stressful when Daran is gone 15 hours a day Mon-Fri and then I work all weekend!!! It just isn't working out!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wow, I nned to get back to this blogging thing...

I have so much fun reading blogs and reading up on ideas for crafts and stuff. I wish I had more time in the day. I spent about an hour on the phone with ORS today trying to figure out stuff with my ex and child support it got cut almost 3oo dollars because he is paying for insurance. I am glad he is paying for insurance but not so glad for the cost. My kids haven't been insured in about a year. I owe 2 grand on Aleeya's braces and ORS won't make my ex pay any of it. BLAH! I forgave my ex 5 thousand a couple years ago so he could get married in the temple but it didn't go through. Now he is another 4 thousand behind, we have 2 broken crappy vehicles, one without a transmission so he told me he would fix it if I forgave him child support again!! Daran is driving the van to SL everyday and it costa about 100 every two weeks so we are going to do it. Makes me sick but what do ya do? The van is not going to pass emissions or inspection in June so we need to look for another van, crazy!!!!

We are trying to sell our house, well sort of, it's not listed or anything. I want a rambler but we are poor as ever. Daran is working 70 hours a week, I am working about 12 and we seem to never get anywhere!! Kids are dang expensive, groceries are killing us! We are trying to cut back, we don't have cable, I got a cheap phone instead of my iPhone so no internet, I gave one of our garbage cans back to Kaysville City. We had a phone line ofr hailey and we cut that off, she can get her own!! Craziness!!

I worked nights Sunday and Monday and it has been so hard to get back to the norm!! I have been so tired. But my house is clean and laundry is done and I made oatmeal cookies today for the kids, they are all with Mike right now, he takes them to dinner every other Thursday. I was going to go up to my dad's house to visit but I decided not to. He moved into his new house, it is very nice! I helped him and Traci move in Friday, I hope they relax a little bit and enjoy their house and live in it not worry so much. The most important things in life are not things!!!! I need to remember that.

I want to go to school and have been for about a year I went last summer to check into DATC and we can't afford it because I have to work and I can't do both. I hope I will be able to go one day! Right now I need to focus all my energy on my kids, they are wonderful, I love them so much it hurts sometimes!! I worry about them everyday. I have not talked to Hailey since Christmas Day, she made me really mad and I'm tired of her, she wares me out and I'm done!! I'm done!!! I hope to get back to blogging weekly or at least monthly, so much goes on in my life that I like writing it down. I am off to play with my Luke!!