Friday, March 20, 2009

March is almost ova!!

I can't believe that March is almost over, I never write in my blog anymore. I need to write more though. I'm sitting her watching PBS kids with Luke so I might as well write. I haven't seen much of Daran this week he is writing a paper so he is at school at 7 and gets home around midnight from work. i miss him, I can't wait until he is doen with school, he graduates in May but then he is getting his Masters and CPA so forever it goes on.

Aleeya had her birthday party last night at Classic Skating, Mike took her and all her friends, I just sent a cake and stuff. She had a lot of fun, she gets excited about things more than any other one of my kids so it's fun to watch her on special occasions. I love that my kids are getting older, I really enjoy them. Hailey is permanently living with her dad. SHe wanted a car, and the only way Mike would give her one is if he insured her and she lived with him so she was all over it. She has done this 3 or 4 times before, and came back but Daran says he won't allow it so we'll see. Mike is so mad at me right now they garnished his check for child support so he called me yesterday to see if I would forgive another 5 thousand dollars so he didn't owe back child support. I did that last year and I told him no way. I'm sure he will quit his job. Oh well, I was happy to go to work last night. I worked in handbags......I love me some purses,,,I love to feel the leather Dooney's I wish I had an extra 4oo dollars lying around. I would get me one.

One thing I want to start is a scrapbook for Luke. I love doing the digital scrapbooks but my kids have really enjoyed looking at their scrapbooks I have made for them. The digital ones are expensive to print the 12x12's soooo I am going to make Luke a first two years book for him to look at, othing fancy, just basic, using stuff I have. I haven't done scrapbooking on paper for years, so I'm looking forward to it, I turned Hailey's room into a srapbook room for now. It wil be the toy room after I'm done. Ok, I'm done.