Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It must be PMS I tell ya

Do they have over the counter meds for just a crazy life? I feel so much more stress since kids are out of school, what is up with that? Hailey is in high schoolPhotobucket
Muriaa 7th grade
Aleeya is in 5th
Noah is in 4th
Luke is 21 months
Jessica my step-daughter is in 4th grade
Ok enough pics, I didn't even plan on posting those, oh well.

As I was saying school is stressful for my cute kids, and it makes me stressful and the year has just begun.

My sister and I are going shopping in the AM to go check out the new MAC line of make-up at Maceys in the Layton Hills Mall...I'm so excited about that!!

Oh good news...I found my camera!!

We are leaving for Wyoming on Friday I will post pics when we return. We are going up to help clean up the new cabin my dad is building and then going over to Kemmerrer to stay the night in the older cabin, and play and ride 4-wheelers on Saturday then coming home. Hailey doesn't want to go so i told her she has to clean the house, heck I paid another 15 bucks for her drivers test that she can't seem to pass, oh well. I'm off to bed

Monday, August 25, 2008


I feel like screaming!!! I'm so frustrated. It was back to school for the kids today and Daran also. So things will be getting crazy around here. Our small car broke down it needs a new tranny, anyway, I have to take Daran to the bus stop every morning, and if I need the van after 3 then I have to take him to work in Centerville, OMG traffic SUCKS!!!!! THENNNN my camera is lost and gone forever at the Davis COunty Fair. I mean how hard is it to turn something in that you find on the ground??? If it is not yours then for crying out loud give it back. Mike got Noah some school pants, SIZE 10??? What is he thinking? Those will fit him in 7th grade. SO off I went to Old Navy and spent 30 bucks on 2 pair of jeans for him, that I charged on a credit card, and I could of got way cheaper if I went on Saturday. UGGG!!!

On a good night we made it through FHE without any fights, my sweet Hailey just doesn't like FHE. Luke totally folds his arms during prayer it is so cute. And now I feel crappy for posting a crappy day, oh well!! It's 11:30 Luke has already gotten up one time to nurse, I refuse to let him anymore tonight, he will be up about every 2 hours bugging to nurse. When will that stop?? I haven't nursed him during the night for a while now. Daran will be home at 12 so I'm going to play a game of canasta on yahoo and go to bed......

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thankful all the little people in my life...

Gosh, my sister cam over today and I got to hold her baby, he is 2 weeks old. I'm so lucky to have a mom and dad that made an awesome choice to have 7 kids. I would miss out on all my nieces and nephews. I look at my kids everyday and think how much fun I am having. All the work is so worth it. After having a newborn how could you not want another one. The spirit is so strong when those newborns are around, I wish I could have a dozen kids. That is why I am thankful for my 5 brothers and sister so they can have the rest of the babies. It is truly a miracle when you see the brand new infants. I am truly lucky!! Here is a pic of my sisters baby.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I am soo addicted to ice. I can't stop. I eat ice everyday, all day. I have very low iron and the supplements make me backed up. Sooo I need to be eating higher iron foods.

This morning we went and picked tomatoes for Grandpa Higley, the kids all help. They love spending time with Grandpa. He taught Aleeya and Muriaa how to pitch, they love softball and I'm so grateful for his skills.

Luke has an addiction also. my breastmilk, yep thats right he is addicted and won't stop. He cries for my milk, and lifts up my shirt, nights are soo hard. He will be 20 months soon. When will it stop??
I can't believe Hailey is starting high school this year, it's crazy, we went and got her schedule today. I worry about her, I hope she finds some good friends.

Daran starts school on Monday along with the other kids, what am I going to do with myself and Luke?? I think I will start making a list of things I need to do around the house and hopefully do something with that. Staring with the laundry room.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Hailey is home, YEAH!!! SHe had a great time in Alaska and Canada, she learned alot, and caught a 116 pound halibut, pics coming soon. It is great to have her home. She is wild with her texting, she spends all day texting, not sure if I should limit the number of texts in a day.

I teaching Aleeya and Muriaa how to cook daily. Muriaa is 12 and Aleeya is 10. They made their own pancakes this morning, Muriaa fought me the whole time saying she didn't undestand how to do it, but she did great. They have ramen mastered.

Luke, my 19 month old is wearing my out, we are trying to get him to sleep in his bed without nursing at all during the night. I give in at 4:30 every morning, he cries all night, we take him to his bed all night, I'm pure tired. I want to start running and I'm too exhausted.

Daran does great, he sleeps through the crying but he puts him back to bed better than I do.

Monday, August 11, 2008

My family....

This works for journal writing right? I have alot of junk in my trunk but why go into that now, right? My house is clean, the laundry is done. So here I am. I went to my Aunt Diane's funeral today, wow, sad. So many memories of my mom, I cried a river. I miss my mom too much. She was an amazing mom, I love her so much. It has really been driving me crazy lately when I hear people complain about their mothers and mother-in-laws. DO they not know how lucky they are??

Hailey my 15 year old shoud arrive home tomorrow, I have missed her tons. She has been in Alaska fishing and cruising.

Muriaa is on an all-star softball team, she plays pitcher and is doing awesome!!

Aleeya is just worried about her outfit ans school starting soon.

Noah and Luke are just hanging.