Saturday, November 13, 2010


I remember Hailey in 2006, Aleeya got baptized that year. Hailey bore her testimony at her baptism about the temple, she cried and said how much she loved going to the temple and that was the only place that she could get that feeling of such love and goodness. Hailey was 13 in 7th grade. Hailey moved out of my house and into her dads with his wife. They went to St. George and Las Vegas and Hailey got left with her step-moms family in Las Vegas or St. George I can't remember. Hailey called me daily crying to come get her. I had no way to get her so she was in a house that she hated with people she hated. Hailey came home to live with me once more. Hailey left again with her dad once more, her dad got a divorce she came back with me. I told her she needed to go to counseling and she did. Hailey was showing sings of depression and mood swings and she was cutting herself. She was miserable. Hailey is a needs person. She called me a lot from school to go to school lunch with her, she never felt good. She needs at all times. She moves on if she isn't getting what she wants. Hailey accused Daran, my husband at one point of child abuse, we had the cops and everyone over they dismissed it all. Hailey admitted it was all a lie. She went to live with her dad again, I made her leave. Within one year Hailey had gone to 3 different schools at some point. The summer after her junior year at Layton High Hailey moved again back with me. She agreed to our rules, she was dating Zach and they hung atound a lot, she was going to school, it was ok. Hailey was getting once again ancy, she was not happy with Zach, so she was miserable and Zach broke up with her and she fell apart. Hailey was pregnant at one point with Zach's baby and she lost it. Hailey then was taking off with Crystal for days at a time, dropped out of school, started making bad choices and Daran made her leave. Hailey has not been back. Hailey and Crystal moved in with Mike for a couple days and ended up leaving and no one knows where she is. We got her dog Dee back through Jill. I don't have a clue why I am blogging this, just something I want to write about. Hailey has always been such a precious girl to me. She has always done so good in school and the teachers always loved her, even through Jr. high and high school. Whenever I went to parent teacher conferences the teachers went on and on about her. Hailey was a peer tutor for 4 years and she loved it, she worked wonderfully with the special needs kids. Hailey loves to be loved and needed, I felt like I couldn't ever do the right thing with her. I always stuck up for her in any situation, I hovered her. I probably should of done things different with her. Right now I am hoping she comes back and I will tell her that the only way is if she will go to Life Line Rehab. I love Hailey very much, it kills me that she is making wrong choices right now. I hope that nothing bad happens to her and it takes womething bad for her to come home.

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