Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My boy, my love, my life

That is what my Luke is..No matter how many times a week he has accidents, no many how many drinks in the middle of the night or how many snacks in a day he has, I love this little man so much!
Luke makes me smile everyday, we wake up, we eat breakfast together, we do laundry, we clean the kitchen. His favorite buddy Nathan comes over about everyday, they are so fun, I am so thankful for little boys. His favorite thing to do right now is play sword fighting on the Wii, too cute. He loves me so much and hates to see me mad or hurt. He will say to me are you happy mom?? We have been so busy with 8 softball games a week and he is such a trooper. He loves his brother Noah and his sisters. He loves going to Grandma Lowry's house. The first time I have ever left him with someone was a couple weekends ago with Grandma Lowry and he loved it. He did not want to leave. I was so worried about him going but it was very nice.
Luke has been such a blessing to our family, I love to see the kids with him, they love him and it just brings so much love to our home. I love you Luke!!

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